What's New in Carlsbad?

There are a lot of new and exciting things planned for Carlsbad in the coming year. Here is a sample of those that are currently in the planning stages or are new projects.san-diego-legoland3

Legoland Expansion:  As if the recently added Sea Life Aquarium was not enough, Legoland is planning the addition of a 250 room hotel and a  5-acre water park. Both are currently in the planning phases, but the water park is expected to be opened by the 2010 summer season. Both the hotel and water park will be centered around the Lego theme and geared toward families with young children. Legoland attracts visitors from all over the United States and the world every year and brings them to our beautiful city.

documentGreen Dragon Colonial Village: Those of you who have lived in Carlsbad more than 10 years will remember Hadley’s Market on Paseo del Norte, just south of Palomar Airport Road (and their famous date shakes). Well, the good news is that the eyesore that has been sitting vacant for years is finally about to get a new life. The Green Dragon Colonial Village, in the planning phase, will consist of a museum (I believe it will be American History but was not able to get that confirmed), book store and restaurant. I look forward to another place to go with the kids that is entertaining and a learning experience as well.

Carlsbad Paseo:  Many of you may have visited the new BJ’s and PF Changs restaurants on Paseo deldocument-1-16-15-452 Norte, just north of Palomar Airport Road and across from the Carlsbad Premium Outlets (if not, they are both terrific and I recommend trying them). The center housing these two eateries is called Carlsbad Paseo, and will soon be home to a series of shops. I was unable to get confirmation on which stores will call Carlsbad Paseo home, as this too is in the planning phase, but will keep you updated when I have further information.

New Senior Fitness Area: There is a new fitness room for 50+ adults at the Carlsbad Senior Center. The 1200+ square foot facility has recently opened and has lots of new equipment, including treadmills, bikes, free weights and circuit training. There is no loud music and softer lighting, plus televisions to watch while exercising. The fees are reasonable and can be purchased seniorgym23on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis or a one-day pass, with no initiation fees. Call 760-602-4650 for information and directions.

As I always say, Carlsbad is such a wonderful place to live–a combination of the best and friendliest  people, a plethora of exciting places to visit and eat, beautiful beaches and trails, near-perfect weather and a great location that is close to everything wonderful that the rest of San Diego county has to offer. We are lucky to be here.

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