What Song are YOU Singing?

I was listening to a Journey song recently and one phrase in particular struck me and got me thinking: “some were born to sing the blues.” Have you ever thought about this? We all have songs that we sing, songs that can describe us. They may not have a title and may not even have words, and they may change often, but these songs guide us through much of life, and sometimes making changes is as easy as changing the tune.

I had a friend who was always singing the blues. She had a difficult life and has been through a lot, and things were continuously not going her way. When I spoke with her it was always about the latest problem. I tried and tried to steer her to thinking in a different way, telling her that if she stopped focusing on all the negative things her life could turn around. I reminded her of the wonderful things in her life–her husband, children, health. But after years of trying I just felt exhausted. She literally sucked the energy from me and I had to end the friendship. It was a tough decision, because I really love her and value her friendship. But I had to save myself from delving into the blues and negativity every time we spoke.

My beloved friend/sister in law, who passed away over four years ago from cancer at a young age, was one of the most positive people I knew. She was always singing a happy song, and you could feel it. Even when she was dying in the hospital and her two children were watching, she managed to keep her chin up and sing songs that made you want to dance and appreciate life. Another loved one was just diagnosed with an incurable disease and boy is she singing upbeat tunes to keep up the attitude.

Have you ever  watched young children playing? If you are a parent like me than you know what I am describing, but if not you should do an experiment. Go to a park and sit and watch children play for a bit. You will notice they are singing! Either literally, or just with their body language. They are engaged in their play completely, and their joy is infectious. True they have no worries yet, but we need to capture this joy and infuse it into our lives every day. I am not saying that we should be happy 100% of the time, but we can definitely make time to think positive thoughts and share them with others. Like small children we need to truly enjoy just being present.

Attitude is everything, and to those who do not believe that it is a shame. The song you sing, the vibe you give off, effects all those with whom you come into contact. Life is full of challenges and none of us are immune. So if you are not singing those songs already please try it for a week. Appreciate everything you have, see the beauty in things, feel your body’s strength and health, look at those you love and realize how important they are to you. We are only here for a short time and no one knows when their time will be up. Take what is important and sing about it–not literally, although you can if you choose–let others hear your songs and see what a difference it will make.

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