The Unloyal Client

I love being a Realtor, and I especially love using my experience and background to make a difference in helping others. Like many businesses  involving sales, the hope is that when you serve people well they will remain loyal to you, but many Realtors find at least once in their careers that loyalty can fly out the window in a heartbeat. So, how do we keep clients loyal?

First of all, you have to understand that it is human nature to always look for the next best thing. Granted, many people respect loyalty–if I find a good service provider I stick with them. But there are people in every industry who are out there preying on consumers, trying to win them over. Unfortunately that is true in our industry as well. And while your clients are free to work with whomever they choose it still hurts when they choose to work with another agent or worse, when they don’t come back to you, especially if you have stayed in touch and provided great service. Here are some tools you can (and should) use to connect with your clients, keep the relationship strong, and remind them of your stellar service:

1.  The good, old-fashioned phone call and visit. Despite all the online hype this is the tried and true method for keeping in touch with clients. Call your clients periodically, stop by for a visit, meet them for coffee. Stay in touch on a personal level.

2.  Email. Send your clients emails of any interesting articles or blogs/summaries you may read that may pertain to their neighborhood. You can include new listings, events, or anything you like. Make sure you do this once or twice a month at least.

3.  Connect with your clients via Social Media. This is another way to stay in touch. Encourage them to “like” your Facebook page so they can get all your great content sent to their Facebook news feed. If your clients are tech-savvy encourage them to follow you on Twitter and connect with them on LinkedIn. Tell them to sign up for an RSS feed of your blog.

4.  Anniversary. On the anniversary of their home purchase (if you sold them a home) send them a handwritten note. I love to drop off a little basket of sweets on the first anniversary, in honor of a sweet first year of home ownership.

5.  Buyer-Broker agreements. Although controversial,  there is always debate over whether to use these with buyers. Some brokerages require them, so if you are in that group obviously you don’t have a choice. The fact of the matter is that a client is free to work with whomever he or she chooses, so a signature on paper won’t really save you. But there are definitely many agents who will not work with a buyer until these agreements are signed.

6.  Revamp your marketing goals and campaign several times a year. Take a look at your marketing and see where you can improve. If you are trying to get listings obviously you need to have a listing presentation that stands up to the competition. If you send out marketing pieces to your past clients make sure they are hitting the mark and are consistent. If you work with buyers are you providing them with enough information from the outset? There are always new ways to spruce up your marketing arsenal, so continue to seek them.

If you have done all of those things and your client still doesn’t value you then you have to take it with a grain of salt. It is easy to beat ourselves up in these situations, but if you know you provided great service then you have to chalk it up to human nature. Stay in touch with your clients even if they seek another Realtor’s assistance. I had a client years ago who used another agent to purchase a house while she was in escrow with me on another home (by fluke she had called on the home and the agent convinced her to write an offer–yes, call it slimy tactics on behalf of the agent but the client chose to do so).  She called me after the purchase and said she wished she’d worked with me instead–the other agent did not compare to me, according to her. Well, at least she realized that I provided great service. It made me feel a little better.

If you are like me the lack of loyalty will be hard to swallow, but the more you remain true to yourself and continue to provide great service to your clients, the more people will appreciate you. Work with those who truly do, and you will be a much happier person.

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