Red Flags of Forgery and Fraud in Real Estate

When you come across a "red flag" on a property--something that tells you there may be something fishy going on-- you need to make certain you understand the meaning before proceeding with a real estate transaction, as it could mean fraud or forgery. … [Read more...]

Keeping the "Real" in Real Estate

With all the technology available to Realtors these days it is easy to get caught up in the tech spiral--Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, mobile apps, texting, e-signatures, videos, blogs, websites...the list is endless. But the result of all this … [Read more...]

Think You Can’t Make a Difference? Think Again.

I am sure you hear it all the time, as do I. In fact, just the other day I heard it from a perfect stranger! I was in a long line at the airport and he was complaining, then made a suggestion as to how the customer service people could help the … [Read more...]

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