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  • ICNY 18 Marketing: Live problem solving
    Jason Frazier of Mason McDuffie Mortgage, Jen Marchetti of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and Lindsay Listanski of Coldwell Banker discuss tough-to-crack social media issues onstage at Inman Connect New York ...
  • ICNY 18 Marketing: Don’t be a ‘basic’ salesperson
    "Sales is boring -- or as we like to say ... sales is basic," said Team Diva's Chavi Hohm onstage at Inman Connect New York ...
  • Fascinating map shows how U.S. grew and moved over time
    Benjamin Schmidt, an assistant professor of history at Northeastern University, created the database after stumbling upon Jacob Alperin-Sheriff’s work updating historical city populations on Wikipedia ...
  • ICNY 18 Marketing: Your guide to referral marketing
    The Cape House's Katie Clancy took the lowest point in her life and used it to create the successful referral business she enjoys today. Listen in for tips and takeaways from a pro who walks the walk ...
  • Third Blissville homeless shelter since 2017 to open in Queens, NY
    An industrial enclave of a hip neighborhood in Queens, New York, will serve as the latest site for a homeless shelter in an area already festooned with temporary housing. A Fairfield Inn hotel at 52-34 Van Dam Street in the ...
  • Compass CFO out after company’s massive funding round
    “Craig was hired before Compass raised $550 million from SoftBank and Fidelity late last year,” a source said under condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss the news. “The Company needs a CFO with experience operating a company at its current scale and beyond. Compass has engaged a search firm to […]
  • A third real estate agent lost his son in the Parkland shooting
    In addition to Charles Rutenberg agent Fred Guttenberg, father of 14-year-old Jaime Guttenberg, and Coldwell Banker Boca Resort agent Shara Kaplan, mother of 18-year-old Meadow Pollack, it emerged earlier this month that a third real estate agent, Mitchell "Mitch" Dworet of Skye Louis Realty in Coconut Creek, Florida, lost his 17-year-old son, Nicholas, in the tragic event on […]
  • ICNY 18 Marketing: The inside track in inside sales
    Opcity's Ben Rubenstein discusses the benefits of a strong inside sales system and offers the best ways to build one, including tips and takeaways for call center development, training, scripts, incentives and more ...
  • ICNY 18 Marketing: Staying relevant in a virtual world — the future of open houses
    Spacio's Melissa Kwan, Aaron Kardell of HomeSpotter and Nick Quay of Coldwell Banker take the Inman Connect stage to discuss how agents can make the most of tech-infused open houses, including ways to use what clients see (even in 3-D tours) to find talking points that justify the price of a home ...
  • FEMA underestimates flooding risk to millions of Americans: study
    Property at risk of flooding is more than double current FEMA estimates and nearly 41 million Americans -- three times the current projections -- could be exposed to a major flood, according to a study by researchers at the University of Bristol, the Nature Conservancy, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ...

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  • Tax Reform and Housing: All Your Questions Answered
    A number of longstanding federal tax benefits of homeownership -- including the ability to deduct all local property taxes paid in a given year and a lofty $1 million cap on the size of loans eligible for mortgage interest deduction -- were changed as part of the recently passed tax legislation. While all of the […]
  • Mortgage Rates Quiet Over New Year's Holiday
    Friday's December Jobs Report will be another opportunity for markets to assess the state of the U.S. labor market. If the data come in as expected, they should show a strong job market at the end of 2017. The post Mortgage Rates Quiet Over New Year's Holiday appeared first on Zillow Research.
  • Zillow's Prediction of 2017 Homeless Numbers in Line With Actual Counts
    Predictions of the 2017 point-in-time counts in 17 out of 25 metro areas were within the 99 percent predicted interval. The post Zillow's Prediction of 2017 Homeless Numbers in Line With Actual Counts appeared first on Zillow Research.
  • Total Value of All U.S. Homes: $31.8 Trillion. How Big Is That?
    It's more than 1.5 times the Gross Domestic Product of the United States and approaching three times that of China. Total U.S. home values have grown $1.95 trillion over the past year -- more than all of  Canada's GDP or two companies the size of Apple. The post Total Value of All U.S. Homes: $31.8 […]
  • Americans Split on Fairness of Local Property Tax Rates
    Currently, Americans overall are almost evenly split on the fairness of the property tax rate in their community. Looking ahead, it's unclear how these attitudes may shift as federal tax changes set to take effect in 2018 potentially lead more to fully feel the pinch of local property tax bills. The post Americans Split on […]
  • Mortgage Rates Ending 2017 Slightly Below 2016
    Despite three rate hikes by the Federal Reserve over the past year (four if one counts the last 13 months), the standard 30-year fixed mortgage rate ends 2017 about 20 basis points below where it stood at the end of 2016. It is difficult to imagine this continuing much into 2018. The post Mortgage Rates […]
  • Case-Shiller October Results and November Forecast: Still Defying Gravity
    The housing market's resistance to headwinds is a testament to the enduring value Americans place on homeownership. The Case-Shiller National Index for October climbed 6.2 percent year-over-year. Seattle, Las Vegas and San Diego continued to post the strongest annual gains in its 20-City Composite Index, with increases of 12.7 percent, 10.2 percent and 8.1 percent, […]
  • Rapid Reaction: November New Home Sales
    2017 was OK for new home sales, but there's no question it could have been a lot better and that more can and needs to be done by builders to address the ongoing inventory crunch the market has been enduring for the past several years. The post Rapid Reaction: November New Home Sales appeared first […]
  • Rent Growth Catches Up to Income Gains After Slowdown (November 2017 Market Report)
    For the almost two years leading up to and including May 2016, rents grew faster than incomes, at times more than three times as fast. Then incomes outpaced rents for more than a year. Now rent growth is catching back up. The post Rent Growth Catches Up to Income Gains After Slowdown (November 2017 Market […]
  • Housing Data 101: Why Use the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) Instead of a Median Sale Price Series
    We recommend using ZHVI to track home values over time for the simple reason that ZHVI represents the whole housing stock and not just the homes that list or sell in a given month. The post Housing Data 101: Why Use the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) Instead of a Median Sale Price Series appeared […]

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