New HUD Website for Housing/Economic Data

There is a new HUD website for regional and state-specific information on housing and the economy. The “Regional Economic and Market Analysis Site” contains information compiled from HUD, the Census Bureau, Labor Department, state and local governments and other sources. It can be accessed at

The site allows users to click on a region of the country. From there one is able to click on a state or get regional information, or you can select different parts of the state, then individual counties within, to get more specific reports for the desired area. The county reports are very thorough and contain lots of information and statistics on the housing market and local economy.

I visited the site and clicked on Region 9, then California, then San Diego. While I did not spend time reading through the entire report (the market analysis report for the San Diego region was 18 pages long), the report appears to contain a great deal of information. The only issue I noticed was that the report appears to be old (it has a report date “as of July 1, 2005). Maybe HUD is planning to update all the local information soon so that it is current.

Regardless, it is a nifty site for those wanting more information and statistics on housing and the economy. Here are some things you can expect to find there:

  1. Market at a Glance reports: Economic and housing market data trends for county and metro areas, with monthly employment data.
  2. Regional housing market profiles: Employment, population and construction data.
  3. Regional narratives: Economic and housing market trends within 10 U.S generic actos. regions.
  4. Comprehensive housing market analysis: Metro-specific housing market reports prepared by HUD field economists.

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