How Affordable is the San Diego Housing Market?

In case you were wondering, or if you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting to purchase a home in San Diego county, here is some fantastic news: housing affordability in San Diego reached a record high last quarter. Combined with other factors, … [Read more...]

San Diego Voted Best Area for Long-Term Real Estate

Despite the housing crisis, San Diego was recently named one of the best areas in the nation for long-term real estate. Specifically mentioned were the Carlsbad and San Marcos areas of North County. San Diego, Carlsbad and San Marcos were placed … [Read more...]

Professionalism in Real Estate: Back in Style

Actually, it never went out of style, but judging from the behavior of some professionals in the real estate industry you wouldn't know that. To be fair, this can be said of any industry-there are always those who slack off, try to get more done in … [Read more...]

Does Lower FICO Score = Lender Loan Discrimination?

Could it be that lenders are discriminating against you if your FICO score is at the lower end of the required range for granting a loan? It could very well be. A series of federal lawsuits is about to be filed, claiming that lenders are purposefully … [Read more...]

Great Ways to Assist Hesitant Buyers

It is a tough time to make big decisions right now, and that includes buying "big ticket items" like homes. Many people have been waiting--waiting for the economy to improve, waiting for prices to go down, waiting for something big to happen. There … [Read more...]

Do You Know the Biggest Foreclosure Myth?

There are many misconceptions about purchasing foreclosure properties, even though many people think it is the best way to save money when buying a new home. I just posted a new blog on MoneyPress detailing the biggest foreclosure myth of them all. … [Read more...]

Is There Still Value in Home Ownership?

Since the founding of our country home ownership has always been a valuable goal to attain. People bought homes and stayed in them most of their lives, often passing them along to their children. Homes were an important part of our lives--where our … [Read more...]

Important Information for Home Buyers

In the challenging housing market of today, buyers have to be aware of many factors that can make or break their chances of owning a home. Most of these are lender-related, as the lenders scramble to do everything within their power to assure they … [Read more...]

Why Should a Buyer Work with a Realtor?

It used to be that only Realtors had listing sheets, that buyers had no access to any sales information, and that an agent was absolutely needed in order to find and see homes for sale. Long gone are those days. Today’s buyers are … [Read more...]

Why NOW Might be the Best Time to Sell

In the last weeks of 2009 there were quite a few conflicting stories on the state of the real estate market, and what we might expect in 2010. Several articles claimed that the bottom of the market was reached, that prices were rising and buyers were … [Read more...]

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