The Unloyal Client

I love being a Realtor, and I especially love using my experience and background to make a difference in helping others. Like many businesses  involving sales, the hope is that when you serve people well they will remain loyal to you, but many … [Read more...]

Move Over Google…There's a New Player in Town

Google has been the top search engine for a long time, but may not be so for long. Qwiki has made it's debut, and while still in it's beta phase it promises to change the way we search for information. Qwiki is an interactive platform, which means … [Read more...]

Glancing Back and Jumping Forward

I can't tell you how many blogs and articles I have read over these last few weeks based on New Year predictions and goals. I am not going to launch into an evaluation of 2010 and tell you my personal goals for the New Year (but I may use some … [Read more...]

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