Aviara, Carlsbad Residents Beware!

If you are a resident of the beautiful Aviara area of Carlsbad, and especially if you have children that attend either Aviara Oaks Elementary or Aviara Middle Schools, you need to be aware of a very important issue that could impact the quality of life in the area, not to mention have an enormous effect on school traffic. Please attend the meeting on January 26 at 7 p.m., at Tri-City Wellness off El Camino and Palomar Airport Road.

The City of Carlsbad is considering a zoning change that will allow the construction of 500 high-density housing units in the middle of Aviara, 76 of which will be adjacent to Aviara Middle School. It will include a semi-commercial complex as well. Entitled PonteBello, 75 affordable housing units out of the 500 units will be built off of Ambrosia Lane, DIRECTLY north of the middle school. Friends of Aviara, a local citizen group, has pointed out that the notice of Project Application is erroneously placed 3/4 of a mile from the actual site of construction on Ambrosia Lane.

Now, if you are like me and have children at the middle or elementary schools, you know how difficult the traffic situation is already. Friends of Aviara project that the traffic flow will increase by approximately 150 vehicles daily. The builder will be completing the expansion of Poinsettia Lane as well–the last 1/4 mile stretch between El Camino Real and just East of Poinsettia Lane. Once this is completed Poinsettia will become a major thoroughfare between I-5 and El Camino (and beyond). If the project is completed off Ambrosia both the street and the schools will be frontage to a passageway between Aviara Parkway and Poinsettia Lane…this is detrimental to all the children who walk to and from school every day, especially at drop off and pick up time.

Please go to the website and sign the petition. http://friendsofaviara.org/. Click on “Petition” at the top. Our school children and our community do not need this…please support enforcement of current zoning laws.

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