Beware of Foreclosure and Mortgage Rescue Scams

You may have seen the stories in the paper and on television of the rise in foreclosure scams. There are new and different scams born constantly, and with the changing laws and offers of help to homeowners, you are all the more vulnerable if you are … [Read more...]

Stated Income Loans are Back For Those Who Qualify

You may have thought they were a thing of the past but there are some people who may qualify for the new stated income loans, and they are available now. Lenders who provide this type of loan are not plentiful and you will need to do some research to … [Read more...]

First Time Homebuyer Tax Credits

Good news for first time homebuyers! If you purchase a home in 2009 you will be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $8,000. For those of you who have been waiting to buy a home this news, combined with low interest rates and some nice sales … [Read more...]

Fountain of Youth in Encinitas

I have always lived by the adage that if you discover something amazing you should share it with others. That is why I have to tell you about the Fountain of Youth Juice in Encinitas. Yes, I said "juice," and no, this is not your chain smoothie store … [Read more...]

Good News for Unemployed Citigroup Mortgage Holders

If you hold a mortgage with Citigroup and are unemployed, the announcement made March 3 can help you with your payments. Citigroup has created a new program whereby it will temporarily lower mortgage payments for borrowers who have recently lost … [Read more...]

Important NEW Information About the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan (Part 2)

For those of you who read my post of a few days ago (How the new Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Can Help You, February 24)), you should know that over the last several days there has been a great deal of information released on the … [Read more...]

How the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan Can Help You

As  you likely know, the Obama administration has instituted a new plan to help homeowners facing foreclosure-the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan. The good news is that the plan actually reaches beyond merely helping those who are behind … [Read more...]

Returning to Post-911

Yes, you read the title correctly. Let me explain... We all remember the horror and tragedy of September 11, 2001. It made many of us question many things--our safety, the future, mortality, hatred, humankind. But out of all the terror and confusion … [Read more...]

Loan Modification Success

Many homeowners have been hit hard by the recent changes in the housing market. We all know someone who has been threatened with foreclosure or is fearful that they will lose their home due to interest rates resetting, job loss, illness or other … [Read more...]

Programs to Help Avoid Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure or know you may be unable to make your mortgage payments going forward, read on. As of the last quarter of 2008 there are several potentially helpful programs that have either been launched or are in the launching phase, … [Read more...]

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